Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I believe in a life with no regrets. Passed my matric with flying, got into a private university and in my second year ate up more than half of my tuition fees. I couldn`t get myself to tell my parents, so I jumped in a pool and tried to drown myself (un)fortunately my friend saved me **rolling my eyes. Had to go back home and face my parents, not only having to be scolded about fees but also trying to take my won life. My parents are middle class earners, and struggle to make ends meet so yes, I %#&!*d up. But I still don`t regret it. Two years out of school and I still dont regret it, not even trying to take my own life. Yes, it may have been selfish of me but to me at that moment in time, it was my only way out. I was ashamed and felt that I failed them and myself. I sometimes do wish that I drowned that night. Yes they would have still been stuck with that debt and no child but I figured after a while they will get over it. I do however wonder what it would have been like if I had not used up that money. I would have probably been worse off. I enjoyed varstity and never had seconds thoughts swiping that card. So why regret it now!